Privacy as main concern of internet users

I have just read this article at NYT online site regarding the true concern of internet users about privacy. In the last weeks I have heard about some news over Facebook privacy policy and how they could use our personal information such as images or contacts for their purposes.

In a recent survey done by TRUSTe in the U.S., more than 90% of citizens polled declared that online privacy was a “really” or “somewhat” important issue, and just only 28% feels comfortable with advertisers using behavioural targeting and more than half responded they were not.

An even more surprising point was that more than the 75 percent of people think that internet is not well regulated, and think that naïve users are at risk. So the respondents somehow declared government responsibility for protecting individuals, although almost 70 percent think that people are wholly or very responsible for protecting their own privacy.

Maybe these figures could represent fairly European internet user thoughts, and we can conclude that:

– People are really concerned about the risks about their privacy managed by third parties (mainly companies, mostly big foreign ones).
– People demand government some regulation of private information management in the internet.
– There is a trade-off about privacy management, the responsibility is either of user or service provider.

At this point, due to citizens demands must the government regulate private information management, or shall it be auto-regulated?.



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